Confessions of a Street-Wise Specialist

"Confessions of a Street-Wise Specialist" eBook by "Anonymous"

Confessions of a Street-Wise Specialist

This eBook has been called "the definitive compendium of specialty practice-building ideas." It contains a truckload of specific tips and the exact words to say to referring dentists to build a perpetual pipeline of dental patients from their office to your door. Discover the secret strategies of attracting mega-referrals. And no, it's not the same, tired advice about having lunches. These are insider, powerhouse techniques that really work.



You'll discover:

  • The one question you must ask every general dentist you meet.
  • The book every specialist who wants more referrals must read.
  • Dozens of ways to bond with your referring dentists and their staffs -- without having to "do lunch."
  • What general dentists really want.
  • How to turn your fax machine into a hard-driving dental marketing engine.
  • How to recover the "lost" referrals that never made it to your office -- patients you don't even know about.
  • Inexpensive gifts that referring dentists will never forget.
  • How to get the easier cases that your referrers are currently doing themselves.
  • A brand new technique to painlessly get rid of your "D referrers," the ones who call only to ruin your whole day!
  • The exceptional dental experience -- turning dental treatment into relaxation therapy, and doing it all on a shoestring budget.
  • The one inexpensive gift that will lock in referrals for life.
  • The one question you must ask every patient before you lean the chair back.
  • The "magic question" that reactivates a declining referral source and actually increases referrals.
  • Perfect for endodontists, orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and pediatric dentists alike. Are you a general dentist with a high number of dental implant or TMJ referrals? This eBook is ideal for you, too.
  • What you should have in your pocket -- and I know you don't have it there now -- if you're serious about getting patients.
  • How to deliver unforgettable value to your referring dentists that they'll be sure to appreciate.
  • What you must send to every referring dentist at the end of the year -- and it's not a Christmas card.
  • Taking control of your schedule -- if you're booked out weeks in advance, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.
  • The real secret to exceptional customer service in the specialty practice. It's nothing like "giving every patient a flower."
  • Why you must never lower your fees.
  • How to instantly differentiate your practice from the other specialists in town.
  • Learn the verbal skills to insure practice growth
and more for just $177.



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This to-the-point and hard-hitting report will triple your referrals painlessly. Nothing touchy-feely about relationships. Just technique after technique to bond with your referrers and improve office efficiency. You pay for profits, not paper!

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NOTE: This report is included in the Practice Explosion System when the Practice Explosion System is ordered by a specialist.