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July 2011
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It's not enough to listen to your patients. You have to understand them.

What is your patient really asking?
A patient who asks, "Will it hurt?" already knows that you will answer that it won't.

The patient is nervous. Replying that it won't hurt might make you appear dismissive of the patient's concerns. Instead, think about what's behind the patient's question.

I think of Ronald Reagan, when he first ran for President against Jimmy Carter. Put on the spot by a reporter to name the President of Iran, where Americans were being held hostage, Reagan replied, "Well, I don't know his name. But let me tell you, if I become President, he's going to get to know mine."

More than just a quick-witted reply, Reagan demonstrated in his answer that he understood what Americans really felt and wanted. When a patient asks you if it will hurt, put your hand gently on the patient's shoulder and say:

"Your comfort is our first concern."

That's the message your patient wants to hear.

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