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June 2011
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Bill Cates is a professional speaker in the financial services industry. He tells a great story about a friend of his in the roofing business.

What turned the company around?
Cates asked his friend Dave Kelly, who owns a roofing company in Rockville, Maryland how he became so extraordinarily successful.

"That's easy," said Kelly. "I stopped trying to sell roofs."

"I thought you were in the business of selling roofs," Cates asked.

"Well, I am. What I used to do, I used to go the home, I used to measure the roof, I used to run the numbers by the homeowner and say, 'Well, we'd love to do your roof for you.' I sold some roofs that way."

"But I stopped doing that. Now, I'll say to the homeowner, 'Whether you use me or someone else, the point here is to get a good roof, right?' And the homeowner says, 'Right.' So whether you use me or somebody else, just make sure they use heavy gauge flashing. Make sure they put in ridge venting."

"Well, yes."

"Make sure they give you a 20 to 30 year guarantee. Make sure they leave your home cleaner than the way the found it. We have a big sweep magnet that goes around the whole house picking up all the nails that fall into the grass and bushes."

Dave Kelly teaches people how to buy a good roof and how to select the right roofing company for themselves. Teach your patients how to select good dentistry. It makes the sale.

When you're not needy, when you just go there to serve, you sell more. Give your patients an appointment that's so extraordinary that they want other people to know about it, whether they go any further or not.

How Many Problems in Your Practice Would a Bunch of New Patients Solve?

Complimentary Marketing Seminar
Our friends at Fortune Management are putting on a marketing seminar on July 15th in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and we're happy to help spread the word for them.

Winning Strategies for the New Economy

Coming Next Month
More advice of quality and distinction.


Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

P.S. It turns out that one of the women Congressman Anthony Weiner was communicating with was a porn star.

When asked how it was possible to get involved with someone in such a sleazy business, the porn star said, "I don't know."

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