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March 2011
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If you've attended an Office Magic seminar, you know how much we admire Charles Barotz. Charles is a real innovator with an exceptional practice in Denver. We've learned a great deal from Barotz Dental, from the way they answer the phone, to the way they give a prize to adult patients.

And you don't have to travel like I did to Denver to learn what Charles does and how he does it. "The Patient-Centered Dental Practice" takes you step-by-step, and delivers on its subtitle: "How I Built a Thriving Fee-for-Service Practice by Wowing My Patients."

Here's a tiny excerpt:

The Downtown Challenge
If your practice is in a downtown area, doing direct mail presents too many obstacles to be practical. First, many people who don't have to be downtown have an aversion to coming downtown. Second, people from all over the city come downtown to work. The problem is, how do you know who to mail to? Mailing to businesses rarely works because the "junk mail" rarely gets past the receptionist, and a shotgun approach to residences hits too many non-prospects to be practical.

The solution is to go "right to the people" as they pass by. The same brochure can be handed out by models to passers-by. For the price of postage, logo toothbrushes can be handed out along with the brochure. Just for the record, I built my downtown practice from scratch using this method.

Get your copy today
Charles' book is chock full of the specifics you need to know, whether you are building a practice from scratch, or fine-tuning your already successful one. Call (303) 595-4994 to order "The Patient-Centered Dental Practice," 91 pages of prime dental meat.

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