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January 2011
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-- What to do with price shoppers?
-- Six Month Smiles
-- "What do you charge for a DO on tooth #14?"
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The last we spoke I promised you more heresy. No time like the present! So ... what to do with price shoppers??

What to do with price shoppers?
My answer will be different from the answers of other consultants, many of whom advise avoiding discussion of fees at all costs over the phone.

First, let me say that I don't like the term, "price shoppers," and I would discourage your staff from using that disparaging term. Most "price shoppers" are just regular people, most of whom would become good patients. It is quite natural to be concerned about prices, and I doubt you or your staff members go anywhere or do anything without finding out the price beforehand. Assuming the patient is less than ideal, he or she may well become so if handled correctly and respectfully.

I certainly don't advise blurting out a price and hanging up. Of course, these patients need to be floored with the same good service your staff always provides and your staff needs to demonstrate their caring as always. However, I don't think you need to be ashamed of your fees, keep them hidden, or refuse to help callers with them.

"What do you charge for a DO on tooth #14?" That answer coming up.

Six Month Smiles
At almost every Root Camp I gave with Kit Weathers, an attendee would ask afterwards, "Why is there no course like this one for perio, oral surgery, or orthodontics?" A course that taught you how to select the cases you can do easily and profitably, show you exactly how to do them, and to recognize all the cases you should refer. One problem solved.

We're seeing fabulous results from our clients using this system. What I like best is that the course does not try to teach you to become an orthodontist. You'll be referring more than ever, as you see and understand more and more. And what's most amazing is what you can do for your patients yourself.

Six Month Smiles

"What do you charge for a DO on tooth #14?"
"What do you charge for a DO on tooth #14?" Well ... Why not tell the caller? If there is a range of fees, tell the caller the range. Quoting this fee will not make or break the call. Everything else about the call is what will make or break it.

Invite the caller to make an appointment! Most offices never do.

The Statementless System is our most in depth resource with 9 audio CDs, including tapes of actual phone calls. Listen to it, use it to guide discussions with your team, and schedule those patients all day long, as predictably as falling leaves in autumn.

The Statementless System

Coming Next Month
More heresy.


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