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September 2003
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-- Put Yourself in the Patient's Shoes, Part I
-- Learn to Do A Full Mouth Rehab in Two Appointments
-- Put Yourself in the Patient's Shoes, Part II
-- Quote of the Month
-- Make Your Practice Twice as Good Monday Morning TM -- A Whole New Endodontic World


Here's a tip from Pat's brother Mike. Mike is the author of "The Lazy Dentist in the New Millennium," and "Medical Myths of Clinical Dentistry." "The Lazy Dentist" is all about working hard to be more efficient, and "Medical Myths" will make the way you practice much simpler. But you won't find this tip in those books or tapes.

Mike just left this message for my beautiful wife Jean, also a dentist, on our answering machine. I thought it was great stuff and wanted to get it out to you!!

Put Yourself in the Patient's Shoes, Part I
We all have patients whose x-rays show a radiolucency, but who aren't having any pain or symptoms. You'll want to do a cold test here to confirm pulpal necrosis. Nothing new so far. But here's what Mike tells the patient:

"I know this isn't bothering you because you would have told me, but I just want you to know that you do have an infection around that tooth... "

Mike doesn't surprise the patient by announcing, "You need a root canal" only to have the patient complain, "What do you mean? My teeth aren't bothering me." He demonstrates his empathy while heading off an objection right at the pass ("I know this isn't bothering you... "). Perhaps most important, he talks about the problem (the infection) before the solution (the root canal).

Might this technique be helpful to you? Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Sometime soon. In the meantime, you can contact Mike at lazydds@aol.com or (302) 655-1228.

Click below to master patient communication, and read the rest of this newsletter for Part II of this month's tip.

Learn to Do A Full Mouth Rehab in Two Appointments
This video defines "step-by-step" and gives you the confidence to complete cases that were unthinkable just a few years ago. In this continuing education masterpiece, Dr. Lorin Berland takes you through an entire case step-by-step beginning with the initial patient interview all the way through post-treatment follow-up.

The entire "Latest and Greatest in Cosmetic Dentistry" package includes:

· 32 page color illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions.
· 90-minute VHS or DVD explaining a full cosmetic restoration.
· 18" x 24" Cosmetic Dentistry Photo suitable for framing to display in your waiting room.
· Approved for 8 CE Credit Hours.

Way to go, Lorin, Your video ROCKS!! Five-stars from Office Magic! Click below or call (214) 999-0110. There's no excuse not to update your skills right in the comfort of your own living room.

Give Me the Latest and Greatest in Cosmetic Dentistry!

Put Yourself in the Patient's Shoes, Part II
Client and all-around regular guy Darrell Hedrick of Missouri writes in with this story:

"I generally do case presentations at the end of my day for 20-30 minutes. I recently spent some time with a patient who had an extensive treatment plan and who had also been seen at another office.

At the end of our conversation, she thanked me for spending the time to speak with her. I'll never forget the rest of what she said. She said that at the other office, 'He sent the closer in to talk with me.'"

A Better Way

Quote of the Month
"Jerry Springer has announced that he's not running for senator in Ohio. I guess he felt that politics is just too sleazy."
-- Jay Leno

Make Your Practice Twice as Good Monday Morning TM
Small cover charge; no minimum drinks. More nuts- and-bolts for your practice than you'll find at your local Home Depot! Don't miss our seminar!

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Until next month, our best advice is to...

... stay out of jail!


Pat and Lorraine

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