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October 2010
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-- What do you use on your face?
-- Every word was planned.
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I had my annual facial yesterday. That's right. Once a year, like clockwork. It cleans out the pores, doesn't it?

What do you use on your face?
"What do you use on your face?"

"Nothing you would approve of," I replied.

I didn't want to be rude, but the question brought it all flooding back.

I remembered why I hate going in for my facial -- the sales dance had begun.

I just want a facial. No massage; no pampering; no nothing. Just give me the part that hurts so I know it's doing something.

But you can't have that!

Every word was planned.
I heard all her client stories, but couldn't avoid the feeling that every story was planned for maximum sales effect.

She wants me to come four times a year.

I'd rather shave with a dull razor than do that.

Oh, no. Here comes the product pitch.

Yes, I'm sure "The Art of Shaving" stuff is better than my Edge. But I don't look under that special light they have here anyway. You know -- the mirror they use to scare the customer. Have you looked in that? It looks like you're in a horror movie!

So what's my takeaway?

I'll tell you in just a moment. First ...

The Capacity Academy is Coming to Baltimore
Can your clinical systems be improved?

Of course they can.

Chris Griffin has the goods, and he's coming to Baltimore.

The Capacity Academy in Baltimore

My takeaway

My takeaway from the facial?

Never forget to be the patient.

Wahl Family Dentistry became hugely successful largely as a result of the "no pressure; no sales" philosophy of my father carried on by my brother.

I love finding ways to persuade, and I love passing those tips on. But if any of my tips have ever seemed pushy, I apologize! I was wrong.

It was a great facial -- I can really feel the difference on my nose. And no, she wasn't that pushy. It was just a reminder of how easily we can cross that line, and that patients aren't stupid -- they know what you're doing.

Be yourself.

First visit prophies?

I know it is blasphemy among consultants, but I'm all for them.


Coming Next Month
More blasphemy.



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