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August/September 2010
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-- It's Not What You Say. It's What Your Patients Hear.
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You can greet your patient with a buffet in the reception room and offer a hot towel before you say goodbye ... and your service could still suck! Read on.

It's Not What You Say. It's What Your Patients Hear.
It's not the hot towel. It's how you present it.

I'd rather see a spotless reception room than a messy one with refreshments strewn about.

Compare a rushed assistant who runs into the room, exclaiming, "Here's a towel! Watch out! It's hot!" with Corine Leech, Office Manager for Tom Hedge.

She offers hot towels on a silver tray after treatment along with a variety of lip balms. "Here's a towel just to wipe your face off. Help yourself."

It's how it's presented. It's how you make your patients feel.

And the ComfortSpa makes offering all of your patients hot towels easy, quick and automatic. It's just a tool, but used right, it's a tool that will help make your practice special. Call (800) 392-1171 and ask for the "TLC Special."

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