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July 2010
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-- For Specialists Only. I Mean Mostly.
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Nancy Hyman's new Winning Marketing Strategies Workbook and CD is a winner. Big time. The Real Deal.

For Specialists Only. I Mean Mostly.
What can you do to make the lives of your referring dentists easier?

You can host some presentations that they need to attend. Topics may include CPR, OSHA, HIPAA or anything else your state requires. You can provide flu shots in the fall by hosting a flu shot provider.

Hosting these events is a great service which helps busy people get done what they need to get done. Zig Ziglar says that you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

Nancy Hyman walks you through these events and hundreds of other brilliant ideas in her new Workbook and CD, Winning Marketing Strategies.

If you're a specialist you need it. If you're a general dentist, you'll find plenty of stuff to give your own marketing strategies an extra edge.

I am deeply impressed by Nancy's work -- this is all stuff she has actually done in her husband's orthodontic practice. There are SAMPLES of everything ready to go! Get it now, then thank me.

Specialist Gold

Coming Next Month
The REAL secret of service.



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