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May 2010
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For years, we've recommended a particular electronic claims processor that charges a flat monthly fee, no matter how many insurance claims you send. Then, our client, Dr. H. David Allick of Rockville, Maryland, told us about Renaissance.

Renaissance, too, charges a flat monthly fee. The Renaissance difference? Their low rate is really, really low -- about HALF of what you're paying now. And their service is top- notch!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I've checked it out. I'm not paid a penny by either company. I just want you to know that whatever practice management software you're using, you do not have to use the claims processor they want you to. There's a reason they want you to think you're "locked in." They get a cut of your money every time you send in a claim!

If you are paying more than 40 a month to send all your claims to all the insurance companies, you need to contact Renaissance to see how they are saving so many other practices thousands.

Call Renaissance at 877-499-9024 and mention Office Magic to receive a complimentary 2 month trial period. You heard about them from Office Magic and you deserve it!

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