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February/March 2010
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It's hard to be productive when you have to respond to hygiene exam requests. Don't respond; pre-empt. This month's guest author: Dr. Chris Griffin.

Get That Hygiene Check Done
Our hygienists haven't had to wait on me to check their patient for the past 4 years, period!

Once the hygienist seats the patient, chats a minute, does needed x-rays, charts, and probes, she uses our earbud radios to broadcast that her room is ready for a hygiene check. The nearest assistant to the Route Board writes that information on the Route Board. Now, the hygienist goes ahead with the prophy part of the appointment.

I am always be-bopping in and out of rooms, checking the Route Board between each stop. When I see the hygiene check on the board, I go directly to that room and do my exam. I see no clinically necessary reason to wait until the very end to check. Then, I leave, check the Route Board, and am off to the next procedure on that board.

This leaves the hygienist to finish the prophy and check out the patient. No waiting on the doctor is a good thing.

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Coming Next Month
Next month:

Prevent cancellations before they happen.

I know -- I've been promising that for months.

I really will get to it in a month; maybe two or three.


Pat, Lorraine and Ginny

P.S. Keanu Reeves will star in “Speed 3.”

The first “Speed” was about a runaway bus, the second was about a boat, and the third one is going to be about a Toyota.

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