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December 2009
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It's December. Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty will tell us what your patients expect. Then, I'll wish you Happy Holidays. Ladies and gentlemen, Ginny Hegarty.

What Your Patients Expect
I left home at 6:00 am for an on-site visit with a client and at nearly 6:00 pm I'm about 30 minutes from home and hungry. I see a Chick-fil-A up ahead and decide to stop. I figured I'd get dinner and also see if my great experience in January was a fluke.

The wait in the drive-through line was longer than I expected. I was beginning to think that even the best intentions don't always translate into great performance.

As I reached the window to pay, I was greeted with an apology for the longer than usual wait and given a courtesy card for a free meal at my next visit. Wow! They exceeded my expectations once again. I think this company, which I've talked about before on my blog (blog.ginnyhegarty.com), is the real deal.

The take away for your dental practice:

Patients don't expect you to be perfect every time -- but they do expect you to be aware and to care. Service recovery strategies can save the day. Is your team aware, and are they empowered to turn your patients into raving fans?

Results-Only Consulting

Consulting Deal of the Century
Ginny is now officially an Empty Nester! With her son in the Big Apple, and her daughter in Beantown, Ginny is looking for a couple of clients whom she can visit at the same time she visits her kids in college. What college kid doesn't love a good meal and a visit from Mom?

If you're near New York City or Boston, and if you're ready to excel in 2010, calling Ginny will be your Turning Point. There has never been a better time for you.

Tell her about your most nagging and persistent challenges, and let her come to your office, absorb what's going on, partner with you, and deliver and install the solutions. Let her give your team the training they need to be held accountable for results.

Call Ginny at (610) 873-8404, and set up a time to discuss your goals for 2010. She will convert those goals to action, and for a lot less than it is worth.

Jump Start 2010

Coming Next Month
Thanks, Ginny! And coming next month --

a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

I was able to cross three people off my shopping list this morning.

I didn't get them anything.

I just crossed them off.

All of our love to you and yours!

Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

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