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August 2003
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-- 21 Ways to Say "Well Done!"
-- A Whole New Endodontic World
-- Office Magic Live in September
-- Question of the Month


Everyone in your office should get in the habit of catching each other doing things right. There's really no such thing as "constructive criticism." We all respond well to praise. Praise makes people feel special and noticed. People want to live up to the high expectations others have of them.

21 Ways to Say "Well Done!"
1. I'm proud to have you on our team.
2. You are a bonus!
3. Congratulations on a terrific job.
4. You are so helpful. Thank you.
5. You continually improve. Well done.
6. Thanks so much for your consistent effort.
7. I really admire your perseverance.
8. Your cheerful mood lifts the spirit of the office.
9. You are a champion!
10. Wow, what an incredible accomplishment.
11. You make us all look good.
12. I have so much confidence in you.
13. You've grasped the concept so well.
14. Your people skills are sensational.
15. I need your help.
16. I appreciate your effort.
17. Your efforts are making a difference.
18. You continue to delight our patients.
19. I hear nothing but good words about you.
20. You certainly earned and deserved this. Congratulations.
21. Patients are noticing the extra effort you put in.
22. I am glad you are on the team.

And now, we want to give you all the praise you deserve. Really. We appreciate you. Click below and find out what Pat and Lorraine really think about you!

A Whole New Endodontic World
We don't care how many endo coures you've taken recently. If you haven't been to a Real World Endo Institute, you're not doing endodontics as efficiently or as well as you should be.

This is Endodontics Pure and Simple. It's "Pure" - information sharing not contaminated by egos. It's "Simple" - you'll leave with easy-to-implement "Real World" concepts that really work!

There are still a few seats available in New York (September 12th and 13th) and Boston (October 31 and November 1st). Sign up today. It may be just what your practice and your patients need.

Tell Me About the Real World Endo Training Institute

Office Magic Live in September
· 9/12/03 Memphis, Tennessee. Sullivan-Schein Dental. Call (800) 686-4200, x3608.
· 9/13/03 Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Dental Association. Call (804) 261-1610.
· 9/19/03 Rome, Georgia Northwestern District Dental Society. Call (678) 354-5119.
· 9/26/03 Amarillo, Texas. Panhandle District Dental Society. Call (806) 354-2424.

Entire 2003 Seminar Schedule

Question of the Month
Why would anyone pay a dollar for a bookmark?

Why not just use the dollar bill?


Until next month...

Keep on keepin' on!


Pat and Lorraine

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