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November 2009
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Suppose you're a young man. You're smitten with a young woman. It's springtime. What do you do?

It's probably a good idea to make eye contact. Strike up a conversation. Pay a sincere compliment. Ask for a date. (Note: It's a good idea to ask for a date before you ask to get married.)

If you're smart, you'll send her a note before the date ("Looking forward to Friday"). You might bring her a flower or a little gift, and you'll take her out to a place she'll like (somewhere other than the Monster Truck Show).

The Irresistible Power of Interest
Suppose she likes sushi. You'll take her to a Japanese restaurant. (Note: If you're really smart, you'll take her to Japan!)

Now, imagine that, as you're seated in the restaurant, you announce: "I'm so happy to be out with you. I'm really glad you're here. But enough about you. Tonight, I'm going to tell you all about me!!!"

Whoops!!! You went to all that trouble. You did a great job setting the mood. Only to become -- the date from hell! Instead of talking about yourself, you'd do a lot better to be:

· asking questions and listening.
· using her name often.
· and doing whatever you can to make her feel like she's the only other person in the room!

Thought to Ponder:

If certain behavior is ineffective in a romantic relationship, why in the world would it be suddenly become effective in a doctor-patient relationship, or in any other type of relationship? People are people; we all respond to the same things.

We've all seen some incredibly gorgeous girl out with some horribly ugly guy, and we all wonder, "How can that be?" He's doing something to make her feel important!

Being a great conversationalist is not about reading books. It's about asking questions. It's not about being interesting. It's about being interested.

Become fascinated by the lives of your patients and your patients will find you simply irresistible.

Read this book and stuff your pockets.

Office Magic Live!
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