Why Should Anyone Be Your Patient?

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September/October 2009
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-- Be Friendly, Not Familiar
-- The Best Way to Get Started with Implants
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You want the vendors you work with to be your friends.

That way, you'll get special favors, right?


Read on.

Be Friendly, Not Familiar
You're running a business.

And when your supplier is your friend, you lose.

You think you'll get special favors.

You won't.

What will really happen?

Your order will be late.

You understand, don't you?

We're friends, right?

"You see, the car's in the shop and my kids have the flu. So the order is wrong, but you understand. Right, friend?"

Be friendly, not familiar. It's business.

The Best Way to Get Started with Implants
In this economy, many of our clients are expanding the services they offer. Your patients already need implants. Here is the best step-by-step guide we've seen to make implants a thriving portion of your practice. In fact, it's the best stuff we've seen on expanding your services anywhere.

Implant Basics Step-by-Step and Something Special

Coming Next Month
Coming next month ...

Who knows?

Do I look like Nostradamus?



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