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August 2009
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Chris Griffin is a dentist and innovator in Ripley, Mississippi who is working in over 100,000 a month in what he calls "same-day dentistry," and he can show you how to do the same. Really.

Working-In All the Dentistry Your Patients Want Without Stress
Chris works only 3 days a week, but nobody does so more efficiently. His ideas are not the "same old; same old" that you've heard before.

Sure, some things may be obvious: You've got to have enough patients; you've got to have operatories in which to put the patients; and you need staff to process them. But Chris has figured out much more than that.

Chris has taken the idea of checklists to a new level with his colorful "templates." His "Route Board" is the office nerve center. Chris can show you how to get more out of your existing operatories, and how to cut the time it takes to clean and set-up a room in half.

What it all gives you is the ability to do the dentistry the patient wants, when the patient wants it, and that means today!

Better yet, Chris will send you a complimentary audio CD that will explain everything he is doing. That's right. No charge!

Complimentary Audio CD

Coming Next Month
Something else to keep you on the top of your game and in-the-know.

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P.S. Have you noticed that Nancy Pelosi is looking more and more like Michael Jackson every day?

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