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June/July 2009
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Last time we promised to tell you how to get references from prior employers who don't want to tell you anything about your job candidate. This month, we deliver.

Why Bother Checking References?
A survey quoted in Office Solutions magazine found that 7% of job applicants had a criminal record, 21% had filed a worker's compensation claim, 29% had misrepresented their employment records, and 15% of references when asked would not rehire the applicant.

Your job application should include an authorization to check the applicant's references. One is included in our Hiring System eBook. Sometimes, offering to fax this authorization that the applicant has signed over to the former employer will reassure the former employer and encourage the former employer to be open with you.

Regardless, a creative question or two will quite often lower the former employer's defenses and get the scoop you need. With a little finesse, you can turn the former employer into Chatty Kathy and your calls will be very worthwhile!

Make Hiring Easy

14 Killer Reference Checking Questions
Our Hiring System eBook contains 14 Killer Reference Checking Questions. Here is just one of them.

"How would you describe Mary's energy level?"

Get the Other 13 Killer Reference Checking Questions

Coming Next Month
A killer efficiency tip.

Stay frosty!

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