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May 2009
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-- What the Heck is an Alt Text Tag?
-- Here It Is on Mike's Web Site
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The hottest book in dentistry right now is Dr. Mike Barr's The Complete Web Site Owner's Manual for Dentists. And this month, a hot tip from it to bring you patients.

What the Heck is an Alt Text Tag?
Dr. Mike Barr explains what you need to know about your web site simply and from the beginning. You can easily implement his ideas yourself -- or you'll know exactly what to tell your web master.

Here's an example.

Alt Text Tags are hidden text associated with pictures or images. They were originally created to explain images on a web site to a blind visitor who use "text to speech" web browsers. You can see the alt text pop up in a box when a mouse is held over an image on a web page.

Many web "experts" say that Alt Text Tags are not important to search engines. But Mike shows a dramatic example of Google using an Alt Text Tag of his in their description of his web site -- right at the top of their search results! This text -- "Financing at Boynton Beach Dentist. If it's plastic, we take it!" -- does not appear anywhere but the Alt Text Tag.

The numerous screen shots Mike includes along with his step-by-step advice make it really easy to do whatever you want yourself. Or you'll finally know what to communicate to your webmaster. Get this book ... or let all these patients go somewhere else!

Start Reeling in Patients Today

Wet their Lips
Putting petroleum jelly on their dry lips will be deeply appreciated by your patients before a long appointment.

Better yet, "Wow!" the patient with their very own lip balm -- with your logo and contact information on it.

You can get this lip balm for half of what you'd normally pay when you get it direct from the distributor. Call D & M Enterprises (888-559-LIPS). Ask for the "Hot Lip Special" and they'll imprint your information for free -- and give you a dozen extra tubes!

Here It Is on Mike's Web Site

Next Month
How to get references from prior employers who don't want to tell you anything about your job candidate.

This is need-to-know stuff!


Pat, Lorraine and Ginny

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