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April 2009
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-- Standing Out is Easy
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Good news.

You don't have to have all kinds of unusual amenities available in your practice. You just have to exceed your patients' expectations.

Incorporating a few out-of-the-ordinary amenities -- whichever ones you like -- will go a long way in helping you exceed those expectations consistently, every day.

Standing Out is Easy
Think offering hot towels is too much hassle? Not anymore.

The ComfortSpa from Sharper Practice (800-392- 1171, www.sharperpractice.com) delivers a perfect towel every time with the mere touch of a button. You'll want to give one to and "wow" every patient.

Call Sharper Practice and ask for the special ComfortSpa "TLC Introductory Offer." You'll not only get the machine for f ree, they'll even thank you by sending you a dozen fresh baked muffins. All you pay for are the towels, which you'll need anyway.

Have you hung up your script where your calls are done?
The Other 20% of Success

Wet their Lips
Putting petroleum jelly on their dry lips will be deeply appreciated by your patients before a long appointment.

Better yet, "Wow!" the patient with their very own lip balm -- with your logo and contact information on it.

You can get this lip balm for half of what you'd normally pay when you get it direct from the distributor. Call D & M Enterprises (888-559-LIPS). Ask for the "Hot Lip Special" and they'll imprint your information for free -- and give you a dozen extra tubes!

And in the End
.In the end, doing more than you have to is a way of giving back to your patients. It's the most special way to say, "Thank you."

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.


Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

P.S. Barack and Michelle Obama met the queen of England. For a gift they gave her an iPod. She can use it when she goes jogging.

It will be much more convenient than the big boom box she's been carrying around.

The iPod is pre-loaded with 40 Broadway songs loaded on it. Someone needs to tell Barack - not all queens like show tunes.

They gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of DVDs. It looks like the Obamas are saving the big gift - a Nintendo - for the Pope.

Obama's like a rock star in England. They've never seen anything like him. A 47-year-old man in England with a full set of teeth?

Michelle Obama was involved in a bit of a scandal when she met the queen. She gave her a little rub on her back. I guess you're not supposed to rub queens. Not even Prince Philip gets to do that.

The queen's like a stripper - you can look, but you can't touch.

Unless you take her to the champagne room.

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