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February 2009
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-- Create a Raving Fan
-- Up Your Practice Web Site's Ranking
-- Thanks, Ginny!


It's February, and I've got to get ready for Valentine's Day. Call me Mr. Romance. So I'm going to let Ginny handle this issue. Ginny, take it away.

Create a Raving Fan
I recently purchased a watch at a local jewelers. I knew I was impressed with the level of service while I was there, I was further convinced when I opened my mail today to find a handwritten note from the salesperson thanking me for my purchase and for the pleasure of helping me select my watch.

The note card included the company Credo: "To provide the most compelling customer care possible to all of the people who enter our doors." I couldn't help but think how compelling this credo would be for many dental practices. Remember the power of a handwritten note. Your patients will love getting one as much as I did.

Ginny's Blog

Up Your Practice Web Site's Ranking
When my clients want more patients to find their web site, I tell my clients about TNT. They handle everything, so patients in your area find you.

They know the keywords and all the other lingo to use, and will even redesign a site if that's what it needs to get search engines to notice it.

But don't take my word that they know how to get to the top of search listings. Don't take their word for it, either.

Just Google the following phrase, and see who comes up first.

dental web site design

Dynamite Your Site

Thanks, Ginny!
Thanks, Ginny, for great tips as always. Now, it's back to my Valentine's Day preparations.

You know, I really think that a man is incomplete until the day he gets married.
Then, he's finished!!



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