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January 2009
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-- Need a superstar?
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Happy New Year. This month -- find your next superstar in a hurry.

Need a Superstar?
If you need a new team member, you needn't spend a lot on a newspaper classified. In fact, you may not have to spend at all on an Internet posting.

And don't limit yourself to dental specific job sites. You might find your next superstar with a message on

your local craigslist.org.

Try it. Many of our clients have found their superstars there.
And get the rest of our System right now:

Hiring System Instant Download

Speaker Recommendation
Dr. Tom McCawley is the most authentic speaker I have ever heard. What you see is what you get -- direct, funny, insightful, and uplifting. He is exactly what dentists, newly graduated and seasoned alike, need to hear more of.

The talk I heard is called "Avoiding the 10 Big Practice Management MESStakes." His advice is at once proven and fresh. If you can't see him live, get a tape. Contact Tom at tom@mccawley.com.

Postal Service Announcement
The Postal Service announced that tomorrow is the last day you can send mail if you expect it delivered by next Christmas.

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