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December 2008
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-- Give Your Staff This Gift
-- Impress the World with Your Body in Seven Days
-- Is Your Frog Boiling?
-- Our Christmas Message


It's December, and Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty wants you to give your staff a gift. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ginny Hegarty.

Give Your Staff This Gift
Give your staff the gift of clear expectations, and hold them accountable for results every single day. Don't empower. Delegate instead.

Delegation is the articulation of clear goals with specific guidelines and concrete deadlines. That is delegation and that's the true art of empowerment.

"I want you to build me a box. It's got to be smaller than a refrigerator but bigger than a bread box. It can't be yellow but it could be gold. It's got to be done by Wednesday at midnight. Are you with me? Are you sure? Let's write that down."

THAT is delegation. And that is real power.

Empowerment isn't doled out.

Empowerment is earned.

Our Christmas Gift to You

Impress the World with Your Body in Seven Days
Nobody in dentistry is more innovative than Rich Madow. Except maybe his brother Dave. Dave has finally written the book which explains exactly how he still looks so great at 53!

Watch this video!!

Is Your Frog Boiling?
I've been reading -- and taking -- Rich's advice since the Richards Report came out in the early nineties. Get his new book. But first, watch this.

This video will knock your socks off!

Our Christmas Message
Choose power, fame, and glory. Choose success, winning, and the adulation of others. Choose being better and having more.

Choose fame and glory not as an end in itself, but as a means to a larger end. Choose success not at the expense of others, but as a tool with which to assist others. Choose the adulation of others by showering others with adulation.

Choose being better. Not better than others, but better than you were before. Choose having more so that you have more to give. Chose knowing how and knowing why so you can share your knowledge with others.

We don't know who wrote the above. If you do, tell us. And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Chaka Khan!

Pat, Lorraine and Ginny

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