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July 2003
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Here's an insider technique that will boost the number of patients who are approved for financing... and have you doing more needed dentistry!

How much will this technique add to your bottom-line this year?

Insider Secret Gets Your Patients Approved
Good news. Today there are many companies anxious to help your patients finance their dental treatment. Of course, no matter how well you present this option, and no matter how friendly the company, occasionally a patient will not be approved.

Here's what to ask the company before you give up on this option.

"Would more information be helpful?"

Think about it. How much attention do patients pay to the forms you ask them to fill out for your practice? How thoroughly do they complete them? It's the same with a finance application. Often, a financing company just doesn't have the information they need to approve the patient... but the patient can get approved when he adds a lengthier past employment, a prior longer-term residence, or... who knows?

Next time, ask the company this insider question!

Christmas in July

Free Case Acceptance Tips
If you enjoy this newsletter, here's another you'll love. The good folks at Smile-Vision occasionally send out brief tips that will help you help your patients... whether you use Smile-Vision's services or not.

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Cruise Tip
Okay. The "Victory" is the largest ship in the Carnival Cruise Line. So getting a cabin shouldn't be a problem.

You and your staff work hard. You've made it through a recession. It's time to vacation, pick-up breakthrough practice-building information, and go home recharged for a record September!

Vacation, Learn, Canada!

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