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November 2008
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-- It's ALL Downloadable!
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It's Thanksgiving, and we know you're busy. So we'll make this short and to the point. Here's the BIG announcement.

It's ALL Downloadable!
All of our products now come as downloads. That's right. Every single CD now comes as an MP3. Every single report now comes as a PDF. Even our posters come as PDFs.
It gets even better.

You STILL get hard copies of every hard copy product.

But now -- the instant you want it -- you get it all downloaded as well. You get both. You deserve it.

So it's always on your hard drive, whenever you want it. Searchable, printable. Your archive of golden nuggets.

Instant Results

Recommended Speaker
Pat's brother Mike has spoken at the American Dental Association's annual meeting and elsewhere around the world. Two topics which can be separate or combined into a full day:

"Medical Myths of Clinical Dentistry" (about medicine's interaction with dentistry) and "The Lazy Dentist's Guide to Excellence" (about clinical efficiency).

If you're looking for a proven speaker with a fresh message, call Pat's brother Michael Wahl at (302) 655-1228.

Coming Next Month
A special Christmas message.

That's right.

At Office Magic, we say Christmas.


Pat, Lorraine and Ginny

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