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August 2008
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-- Motivational Lie #2: Look for visuals, auditories, and kinesthetics and improve your case acceptance!
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This month, the second Big Lie that Motivational Speakers Tell Us in our continuing series. Like most lies, it sounds good, but it just ain't so.

Have you ever been told that a speaker is an "expert" in "neuro-linguistic programming" or "NLP?" NLP is a pseudo-science. Wait a minute. Perhaps that's a bit harsh. I should say that NLP is a COMPLETE pseudo- science!!

You should give the NLP "expert" no more of your time than you would grant the astrologer, the alchemist, or the numerologist. Onward.

Motivational Lie #2: Look for visuals, auditories, and kinesthetics and improve your case acceptance!
One of the better known claims of the NLP faithful is that some people are primarily "visual," some are "auditory," and others are "kinesthetic." We are told to look for clues to these orientations -- visual people might say, "I see;" auditory people might say, "I hear you," and kinesthetic people might say, "I feel."

We are promised a case acceptance nirvana if we simply match and mirror these supposed styles of our patients. It all sounds so appealing.

Several scientific studies were done to justify these claims. Here are the results:

There is no evidence that people can be grouped in this way at all.

There is no evidence that these groups even exist!!

There is no evidence -- zero -- that if people could be so grouped, they would respond any better to people matching their grouping than to people who do not.

Put simply, this claim is naturally appealing, but entirely bogus.

Why does all of this matter? Because if you are paying attention to things that don't matter, you are neglecting things that do.

Be yourself, and find a style you can adapt with most everyone.

The next time a speaker advocates this nonsense to you, ask him or her if he uses this "preferred representational system" or "PRS" technique himself, and with what results? And turn on your b.s. meter!

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Coming Next Month
Next month:

Lie #3 that Motivational Speakers Tell Us.

Let's say I'm on a mission for "evidence-based" speaking and consulting.

Stay tuned. You won't want to miss #3.


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