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May 2008
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-- Create a Routing Slip
-- Patient Giveaway Extravaganza
-- Summer's Coming!


There is a very simple thing you can do to increase office efficiency and make more money. Believe it or not, many offices don't do it.

Create a Routing Slip
Every patient you see should have a routing slip filled out. A routing slip is a complete list of every procedure you do, along with its associated insurance code and its most common fee in your office.

Highlight what you do on the routing slip, and your business team will submit what you did more accurately, consistently and completely. It takes seconds once you make this form for your office. In fact, many software programs already have one ready to print.

Extra bonus tip: Be sure to take advantage of the "exploding codes" feature of your software. Your team can submit procedures at once that usually go together, such as a prophy and exam. Time saved, accuracy gained, more money.

Finally, to make sure you're doing everything you should to maximize your patient's benefits and to maximize your practice's reimbursement, get Lois Banta's Insurance and Coding Audio CD.

Everything Your Insurance Coordinator Needs to Know

Patient Gift Extravaganza
Last month's "What Men Think About" blank book blowout was such a success, we've decided to make the same offer for our other blank book title: "Everything Liberals Know."

Your Rush Limbaugh listener patients will love it. You absolutely must have some on hand.

Hilarious Patient Giveaways

Summer's Coming!
We'll have something hot and juicy for you in June.

Until then,

Pat, Ginny and Lorraine

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