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April 2008
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-- Patients Say the Darndest Things!
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Don't let your patients disappear through the cracks -- pre-appoint them!

Patients Say the Darndest Things!
One of the themes of our Office Manager in a Box Scripting System is, "Don't let patients leave without an appointment!"

Pre-appoint your patients, or you will have to make and receive hundreds of calls, and end up looking desperate.

Do not pre-appoint patients you do not want to see back, or who have a record of unreliability. Let these patients call you.

What do you say when you offer the appointment for six months in the future, and the patient protests, "I can't appoint now; I don't know where I'll be in 6 months?"

Read on for the answer below ...

Patient Gift Extravaganza
Looking for inexpensive gifts for your patients? One of our bestsellers is not about practice management; it's about relationships! Put them out in your reception room and watch them disappear.

Hilarious Patient Giveaways

Pre-Appointing Magic
If the patient says, "I don't know where I'll be 6 months from now," respond:
"You do now! You'll be here with us!!"

Or if you absolutely must be more somber, "Since we know the time of day you prefer, scheduling now is the best way for you to stay on schedule with your continuing care and avoid an emergency!"


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Until May
We hate to end on this tremendous high, but that's all for April.

Until May,

Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

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