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March 2008
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Employees resent "micro-management." We all know that micro-management is bad, whatever it is. But, that doesn't mean that employees want to be managed less. Employees want more coaching, more guidance, clearer goals, more constructive criticism, and more recognition.

Our Last Moving Special Ever!
If you missed it last time, folks, we've moved.

Our new address is:

Office Magic
16 York Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19803-3735

New fax number, too: (302) 261-0211. All of our other contact information remains the same.

What does all of this mean to you?

Just that we're offering one last Deal to help us dig out of all of these boxes -- this time, the Deal of the Millennium.

Check it out.

Deal of the Milennium

How Micro-Management Happens
Micromanagement happens when you don't give direction. You just say, "Do it your way, you're empowered. Do it however you want ... Well, not exactly like that ... Not really like that ... No, no, no, not that way -- more like this. Move over; I'll just do it myself."

Micro-management begins, believe it or not, with "Just do it your way." And that's the tricky thing about so-called "empowerment" -- you have to provide direction.

In an undermanaged office, and that's the office that we see most often, expectations are unclear, roles are undefined, and feedback is sparse. Learn how to manage and not just lead!

Last Moving Special Ever

Until Next Time
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