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February 2008
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-- We're Moving!
-- The Simplest Question
-- Take Command of Your Practice ... in sunny Destin, Florida
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The patient registration form can do much more than collect contact and medical information. It can actually be used to bring out patient concerns and to get patients thinking about possibilities. Make yours your secret practice-builder!

We're Moving!
We're moving, folks!

Our new address is:

Office Magic
16 York Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19803-3735

New fax number, too: (302) 261-0211. All of our other contact information remains the same.

What does all of this mean to you?

Just that you can get the Deal of the Century.

Check it out..

Deal of the Century

The Simplest Question
Pat's brother Mike asks this question on his registration form at Wahl Family Dentistry:

"Would you like whiter teeth?"

That's it.

Patients can answer, "No," as easily as they can answer "Yes." There is no manipulation. We just give patients a chance to tell us their story, to let us know what they're thinking about.

Try it. You'll be surprised at the conversations that develop.

Take Command of Your Practice ... in sunny Destin, Florida ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is your chance to work hands-on with Pat and Ginny to master the skills they didn't teach you in dental school: holding people accountable and creating your high- performance team. Don't miss our limited attendance workshop, our seminar, or the dozens of other experts spilling the beans in sunny Destin.

Pat, Ginny, Top Experts, Florida ... Get There!!

Until Next Month ...
Hope to see you all in Destin.

For now, for us, it's back to moving boxes.

So behave, be good, and stay out of jail!

Pat, Ginny & Lorraine
Deal of the Century

Deal of the Century

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