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June 2003
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-- The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs
-- What Would Your Staff Tell Me About You?
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Here's a story that just might have serious implications for you and your practice. Please let us know what meaning it has for you.

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs
There was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. He was proud of his hot dogs and he put up signs along the highway about his stand. He advertised on the radio. And every day, he went out and yelled with enthusiasm, "Come and get your hot dogs! The best hot dogs in town!"

People came from all over to buy his hot dogs. He would have lines of people at his stand. He loved selling hot dogs. He loved talking to his customers, and they loved talking to him.

One day, the man's son came home from college. The son asked his father, "Haven't you been listening to the radio? Haven't you been reading the newspapers? We're headed for a recession and probably a depression. You should stop advertising and save the money."

The man believed his son. His son was educated, in college, and certainly knew more than he. The signs came down. The radio ads stopped. He no longer yelled about his great hot dogs; he stopped laughing with his customers. "We're in a recession. What is there to laugh about?"

Little by little, the customers stopped coming and the man sold fewer and fewer hot dogs. When he finally had to close his hot dog stand, he thought to himself, "My son was right."

Spread the Word About Your Practice

What Would Your Staff Tell Us About You?
If you're still using September 11th, the economy, lack of capital, or any other excuse why your practice isn't everything it should be, please do NOT click on the link below. You're not qualified to participate in the kind of process it describes.

Complete Practice Assessment

Cruise Tip
A cruise with its all-inclusive dining and entertainment may be the most cost-effective learning vacation you can take. Here's a tip to make your next cruise (maybe it's even your first cruise) more fun.

If you're traveling with kids or family members, bring along some "walkie-talkies." They're are a godsend when trying to track down a 14 year-old for dinner! They're just as useful in locating your spouse at the spa.

Vacation, Learn, Canada!

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