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January 2008
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An old marketing maxim is that confused customers don't buy. Plain English will enhance your effectiveness as a communicator and project a professional, caring image. The confidence you instill will increase your case acceptance, and it will improve your relationship with the patient during and after treatment as well.

When Things Go Wrong
Let's say an instrument separates during a root canal treatment. The first thing you should say is nothing. You will be very emotional, so it's best to be quiet for a moment. Finish your work for the visit, and then sit the patient up and establish eye contact. Do inform the patient before he or she is dismissed.

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What to Say
Be matter-of-fact rather than apologetic. "Mrs. Smith, let me tell you about what happened today. Root canals are curved and tortuous. While we were working, a tip of one of our sterile instruments, one of those little files that we use, separated off inside the canal."

Depending on the situation, explain that you don't think it will be a problem, or you think that you can get it out. Otherwise, explain, "You may need what's called a surgical procedure," or simply recommend that an endodontic specialist be consulted.

The good news about separated files is that such a separation does not equate to case failure. Sometimes they can be left as is without affecting the prognosis of the case.

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Coming Next Month
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