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November/December 2007
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In an ideal world, things probably go as planned and run smoothly. But in the real world of practice, delays and interruptions happen. Your practice success depends on your ability to keep your patients and your coworkers abreast of any changes while treating them with uncommonly good service.

This month, Ginny's Scheduling Magic. But first, a special announcement. Hold on to your wigs and keys, folks ...

Office Magic Live is Coming to Houston ...
... and Virginia and New York and Florida and Missouri.

Check out Dr. Wahl's 2008 schedule and get your tickets now.

Office Magic Live in 2008

Ginny's Sign Language
Set a standard for how long a patient can be kept waiting in your practice before a specified team member investigates and keeps the patient informed. We like a 5-minute rule. A system for non-verbal communication in the clinical arena should be created so that information flows freely.

Your business team member can flash 5 fingers to inform a clinical team member that the 5-minute rule has been violated. The clinician can then respond with 1 finger if they will be ready momentarily, 2 fingers if they'll be 5 minutes and 3 fingers if it will be longer.

When things go awry, a gift card for a coffee or book shop will have patients feeling understood and appreciated. In a time when health care can be so impersonal, set your practice apart as one that cares.

Equally important is that you have a written, tested scheduling system in place that makes success as easy as painting by the numbers, and helps you avoid the preventable pitfalls. Ready to take action and put your success on auto-pilot? Here's what you need to do:

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Coming Next Month
Something juicy.

Until then,

Pat, Ginny & Lorraine

It All Starts with the Schedule

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