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September 2007
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-- The ONE Word Most Often in Our Scripts
-- Recommendation of the Month
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This month, a specific tip that is also part of an overall attitude. Use it today and every day -- it makes everything easier.

The ONE Word Most Often in Our Scripts
The ONE word that occurs most often in our Scripts is ...


Patients love to be helped, and that word runs through our Scripts more often than any other.

Try it. It will make your life easier.

Help patients schedule, help them with your fees, be their advocate!

Help Your Practice

Recommendation of the Month
Charles Blair is the consultant's consultant. When we at Office Magic have a question about insurance codes, we turn to him. Now you can have all the answers at your fingertips.

If you don't have this essential resource, you're not submitting everything you should be. It's that simple. Read an excerpt right now and profit this afternoon!

Insurance Coding Secrets You Need to Know

Coming Next Month
Next month:

Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty's scheduling magic.

Until then ...

Keep on keepin' on,

Pat, Ginny & Lorraine

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