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September 2007
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-- An Easy Way to Prevent Embezzlement
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This month, a simple tip that coud save you tens of thousands of dollars. It's easy, but lots and lots of dentists aren't doing it!

An Easy Way to Prevent Embezzlement
Make sure that your software program is "closed-out" each month. Otherwise, it is easy to go back into prior periods and make adjustments without the doctor's knowledge. Closing-out creates a clean slate and makes subsequent manipulation cumbersome or impossible.

Protect Your Practice

Testimonial of the Month
"Office Magic's new Special Report, It Won't Happen in My Practice is concise, detailed, and contains the specific information you need to protect your practice."
-- Dr. Woody Oakes, The Profitable Dentist Newsletter

"What Will You Do When You Discover That $87,326.23 Is Missing?"

Worth Checking Out
Office Magic has never been associated with any software company, as much as some of the software companies would like that! Today, we are simply passing on some information to you that is worth checking out if you're considering new software.

Joe Blaes wrote in Dental Economics that "Many software companies not only charge a fee for their software but also require monthly support and maintenance contracts. Often these recurring fees increase when additional software modules are purchased. For example, you might choose a software company that sells digital X-ray imaging as a separate module. If you later decide to add this module, you may be charged a higher monthly maintenance fee in addition to the original fee for the imaging module."

Dentimax.com is trying to change this paradigm, and it's one software company mentioned positively in Joe's article. Their goal is to be full-featured, simple, and inexpensive -- both at the original purchase and forever. And while we've never endorsed any software, we can certainly endorse that philosophy!

Coming Next Month
Coming Next Month ...

The ONE word that occurs most often in our scripts.

It's going to be good!


Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

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