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August 2007
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This month, a Life Lesson that will help you in your practice, at home, anywhere!

What Dentists Can Learn from Bobby Kennedy
On a tour of Latin America in 1965, Bobby Kennedy insisted on seeing how the poor really lived. In Chile, he toured a mine and observed first-hand what it means to be a mineworker.

Coming out of the primitive and dangerous mine, Kennedy was informed by a reporter that all of the workers in this mine were Communists. But Kennedy did not let any differences create a wedge between him and the workers. What did Kennedy say?

"If I worked in this mine, I'd be a Communist, too."

According to author William Chafe, "Kennedy placed himself in contact with those who felt ignored, disprespected, empathized with their plight, voiced their grievances."

I was very excited to be lucky enough to be asked to speak in England for Independent Seminars this year. At first, I was concerned that some of my examples from American history might not make sense there. Then I remembered:

Princess Diana was beloved for the same reason: She would get on her knees to talk to children, she would hug HIV patients, while others in the Royal family seemed more aloof.
If you want to be more charismatic, if you want to connect better with your patients or team, what can you learn from Bobby Kennedy and Princess Diana?

Seminar Recommendation
The most charismatic and innovative dentist I know is Dr. Chris Kammer. Better yet, he can teach you exactly how to bring out your most charismatic self. And at the same time, you'll learn how to add mini- implants, the "Gums of Steel" periodontal program, ozone therapy, and the most creative and least expensive marketing ideas ever invented to your practice.

This seminar that Chris has put together is definitely not the "same old, same old" you might be used to. Be smart. Get there.

Unconventional Success in Dentistry!!

Coming Next Month
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