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July 2007
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This month, Ginny Hegarty shows you how to get everyone on the same page.

Take the X-Ray Challenge
When Office Magic Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty visits a client to ignite the hygiene machine, one exercise she often begins with is what she calls the "X-ray Challenge."

Each team member writes down her understanding of practice protocols for all types of x-rays and the team compares the answers.

Seems simple on the surface, but here's the kicker: Almost every time, some team members quickly realize they don't agree on, or aren't aware of, "standard" protocols. This lack of clarity translates into a lot of lost opportunity -- and lost revenue -- in hygiene.

This disagreement presents an opportunity to standardize the protocols -- and finally get everyone on the same page.

The result is that more and better x-rays will begin to be taken. And that means more complete diagnosis and a higher level of care for your patients. Another result? Higher practice revenue.

Testimonial of the Month
"Our hygiene team was already hot; Ginny's approach set them on fire! The first month, production jumped 20%; the second month, it jumped an incredible 33%. And the third month we're up 36%!"
-- Dr. Lori Pappert, Charlotte, North Carolina

Fire it Up!
Ready to raise the bar for your hygiene team and give them to tools to skyrocket their results? The X-Ray Challenge is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Along with a higher level of care for your patients, you'll see higher profitability for the practice ... you'll be experiencing Prosperous Hygiene!

Ginny has room for just one more practice this summer for her "Prosperous Hygiene Program." If you're tired of wishing and dreaming about more profitable hygiene, here's what to do:

Take Me to Hygiene Prosperity

Coming Next Month
Thanks, Dan, for some great tips that will help any dentist.

And coming next month ...

Kick your hygiene department in the pants!

Pat, Lorraine & Ginny

Only One More Practice This Summer

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