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June 2007
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-- Dan's Tip #1: Call Yourself!
-- Dan's Tip #2: How to Track It Right
-- Dan's Tip #3: Evaluate Your Opportunities
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This month, we lend the newsletter reins to one of the gurus we recommend and work with ourselves, Mr. Daniel Bobrow of American Dental Company. Dan has been kind enough to offer all of our subscribers a New Patient Identifier (NPI) analysis without cost or obligation.

Dan's Tip #1: Call Yourself!
The telephone continues to be the primary connection between your practice and the outside world. Your website also connects you, but ultimately, almost all appointments are made via telephone. Given this reality, make it a point of periodically calling the office, both during and after office hours, to be sure current patients, prospective patients, and other important callers, are receiving the right message.

During office hours, ask to be placed on hold. This way you'll know if your On Hold Message system is working, or if the radio station is in tune. After hours, check up on your answering service or voice mail. The results may shock you but, in this case, ignorance is NOT bliss!

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Dan's Tip #2: How to Track it Right
If your office employs a direct mail strategy, it is very important you know the result. Simply asking new patients "How did you hear about us?" is notoriously incomplete and unreliable.

Instead, print out an alphabetized list of all new patients who have enrolled in the practice over the prior month. Include: Name, First Visit Date, and Complete Mailing Address. Then, compare this list with your Direct Mail List, and look for matches. You'll be amazed at how this number differs from your "subjective" tracking system.

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Dan's Tip #3: Evaluate Your Opportunities
Danny has offered to provide his New Patient Identifier (NPI) analysis without cost or obligation to all of our subscribers. So click below, fill out the form, and sieze the day.

No Cost New Patient Identifier

Coming Next Month
Thanks, Dan, for some great tips that will help any dentist.

And coming next month ...

Kick your hygiene department in the pants!

Pat, Lorraine & Ginny

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