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April 2007
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-- Everyone's Invisible Sign
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This month -- a secret of charismatic leadership that works wonders at home as well as the office.

Everyone's Invisible Sign
This month's Managing People Golden Nugget actually comes from business legend Mary Kay Ash. Here is her advice for managers. Read it carefully and really try it!

"I have learned to imagine an invisible sign around each person’s neck that says, 'Make me feel important!' I respond to it immediately, and I never cease to be amazed at how positively people react.

"If I were to teach a first-year management course, I would instruct every student to wear a make-me-feel- important sign for the entire semester. By the end of the term and for the rest of their lives, they’d imagine seeing the same sign hanging from the neck of everyone they met. What wonderful relationships they would build with their spouses, friends, co-workers and customers!"

Now, to get really, really, smoking good -- you have until May 24th to save 200 smackers:

Office Magic's Leadership and Accountablity System

Testimonial of the Month
"We now have the tools to motivate mediocre performers to be high performers. This investment has already more than paid for itself."
-- Sandeep Sood, DDS
Holt, Michigan

Office Magic's Leadership and Accountablity System

Ian Shuman's Secret Source
Our good friend Dr. Ian Shuman wants to spread the word about Groman Inc. and their DISPOSABLE air abrasion and microetchers. They enhance bond adhesion, and allow for minimally invasive preps. They're ideal for etching the enamel and porcelain surfaces prior to acid etching and bonding for veneer, direct composite and CEREC. Ian gives Groman Five Stars, which is good enough for us! Check it out.

Show Me the Simple EtchMaster and PrepMaster Adapters

Coming Next Month
Something as simple as it is powerful.

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