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March 2007
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-- Use Your Web Site to Position Yourself!
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This month -- some advice from our good friend Tom Orent. And this is good stuff.

Use Your Web Site to Position Yourself!
Use your website to create the illusion (or reality) that you are the guy or gal to see. The expert.

Right on your home page, create a link called -- for example -- "Three-Day Extreme Smile Makeover."

"Under my 'Three-Day Extreme Smile Makeover,' section I explained how patients flying in from other parts of the United States or even other countries would have their travel arrangements totally taken care of by my concierge," says Tom. "Of course, my concierge was also one of my front desk staff!"

"I must confess that I only had a couple patients come from great distances for cosmetic care. But this perception of the 'nationally acclaimed cosmetic expert' became reality and helped position me locally."

"The main purpose of this type of positioning was not just to attract major cases from distant lands. Although that is a nice added potential bonus. The primary purpose was to tell my local community that they need only travel a few miles to see a cosmetic expert!"

Tom is putting on "The Ultimate Dental Success Event" in July. The speakers are not ones you've heard dozens of times before -- though you'll want to hear them dozens of times again. In fact, Pat has already registered! Check it out now!

The Ultimate Dental Success Event

Testimonial of the Month
"I thought I was doing everything, but I wasn't. 'Confessions of a Street-Wise Specialist' is a must read; full of new ideas that every specialist needs to hear about and implement. Thanks for giving me more traction in my practice.”
-- Emmanuel C. Ngoh, DMD
Augusta, Georgia

Confessions of a Street-Wise Specialist

Coming Next Month
A golden managing people nugget.

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