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May 2003
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We at Office Magic wish to extend a heartfelt salute to our heroes in uniform. However you feel about the War, we hope we're all in agreement that freedom is more important than peace. After all, there's only one way to guarantee peace, and that's to surrender!

Now it's time for this month's management lesson. Print this issue and distribute it to everyone on your team. It will give everyone food for thought and maybe even a new perspective. How can you apply this information to what you do?

Know Your Potatoes
There is an old story about two wagons in a public market, both loaded with potatoes. A housewife stopped beside the first wagon and asked, "How much are your potatoes today?"

"Dollar and a quarter," replied the farmer.

"I only paid a dollar last time," the woman protested.

"Taters have gone up," grunted the farmer and turned aside.

At the next wagon, the housewife asked the same question, but Ma McGuire knew her potatoes. "These are especially fine white potatoes," she said. "We raise only the kind with small eyes so there will be no waste in peeling. Then we sort 'em by sizes. In each bag you'll find a large size for boiling and cutting up, and a smaller size for baking. The baking size cooks quickly and uniformly."

"These potatoes are clean, too." she continued. "You could put a bag in the parlor without soiling your carpet -- you don't pay for a lot of dirt. They're a good buy at $1.65. Shall I have them put in your car?"

The woman who thought that the first farmer's potatoes were too high bought two bags from Ma McGuire at a higher price.

All of which proves that there is nothing wrong with quoting your fee, even if your fees are high. Quoting the fee gives you the opportunity to explain the value you offer.

Exactly How You Can Instill Value With Your Patients

Step-by-Step Guide to Excellent Dentures
Do you find making dentures to be frustrating and unprofitable? It doesn't have to be. Dentures can have a dramatic effect on a patient's appearance and well-being. And you should be paid commensurate with this real service.

Dr. Ian Shuman has created a truly step-by-step and complete resource that makes excellence in dentures predictable. He even walks you through setting appropriate fees for your new skills. You'll feel equally good about both your outstanding dentures and your fees. Five Stars from Office Magic!

Look Forward to Your Next Denture Case

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