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February 2007
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Office Magic's Most Important Announcement Ever? That's a bold promise. But we're serious as a heart attack when we say we intend to change the way dentists manage their people. And by introducing the new but already proven Office Magic Leadership and Accountability System, we're doing just that.

Announcement of the Month
Hundreds of dentists and office managers have accelerated their results at Office Magic's Leadership Institutes. Read the results others are already getting, and know this: Today, it’s easier than ever to master all of these techniques with this Home Study version. Study these secrets and you, too, can manage people with the same predictability you expect chairside.

Leadership and Accountability System

Testimonial of the Month
"This information was a GODSEND for me. It gave me not just know-how, but confidence. I am much more comfortable discussing issues with staff as they happen instead of waiting and just hoping they go away.”
-- Jennifer Russell, Office Manager
Douglas Sjogren, DDS, Olathe, Kansas

* NOTE: Exactly 6 months after attending our Leadership Institute, Jennifer was named "Office Manager of the Year" by the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM). Congratulations, Jennifer!!

Leadership and Accountability System

Tip of the Month
Among the gold you'll mine in your own copy of the Leadership and Accountability System are the 2 Magic Words for Difficult Feedback.

What are those 2 Magic Words?

"I've observed."

Not, "You always!"

Leadership and Accountability System

Reason to Reserve Your Copy Now
The Leadership and Accountability System will not be ready to ship for another 3 weeks. Act now for the Introductory Special PLUS an EXTRA super valuable surprise gift to keep you busy until it ships!!

Next month: Something fresh. So stay frosty.


Pat, Ginny, and Lorraine

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