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October 2006
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-- It's About Ethics
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-- Keep the Treatment Plan and the Payment Plan Separate!
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We're on our way to the Leadership and Accountability Insititute in New York, which just last week became officially SOLD OUT!! Looking forward to seeing many of your friendly faces there.

In the meantime, some recent office visits remind us to remind you that collecting properly is not just more profitable; it's safer.

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It's About Ethics
From the “Ethics Handbook for Dentists,” published by the American College of Dentists, copyright 2000: “Fees and payment options should be disclosed to patients and agreed upon prior to any services being performed. Financial arrangements for treatment are part of informed consent.”

That means that if the treatment plan changes, the payment plan changes! Sit the patient up and explain the options beforehand. After all, it's part of informed consent.

New Addition at Office Magic
Jonas Alexander Wahl, Pat's third boy.

Says Pat:

"I'm a breeder."

Keep the Treatment Plan and the Payment Plan Separate!
A troubling issue with the "Pay as You Go" plan is that the dentist accepts all the legal obligation that the treatment brings, for only a fraction of the compensation. For example, an endodontist who collects half upon instrumentation and half at the fill will be sued for the entire perforation if one occurs at the first visit. In addition, he'll be responsible for seeing the emergency on a Sunday even after the patient has canceled their second appointment.

If you accept a case, you accept the whole case. Expect the whole payment.

"Magical Customer Sevice and the Statementless Professional Practice" tells you exactly how, and it has just been updated with 8 all new audio CDs.

"Eliminate 90% of Your Headaches. Patients Love It, and It's Guaranteed."

Another New Addition
Director of Consulting Ginny Hegarty has just created a blog. If you don't know what a blog is, it's basically an online running journal.

We’re excited because it will give us an opportunity to stay in touch with you. So check out Ginny’s blog and visit often. As they say on ABC’s 20/20, “We’re in touch, so you be in touch.”

Coming Next Month
Next month:

The First Rule of Managing People.

You know, what we had promised to give you this month. We decided instead to talk about managing people after the Institute.


Pat, Ginny & Lorraine

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