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September 2006
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We ought to be exhausted, but the twelve doctors in attendance along with their team members energized us. We're tanned, we're rested, and we're ready to share with you this year's Retreat theme -- what tied their incredible three days together.

There are two simple rules which, when followed passionately, guarantee you wild success in dental practice. The rules are.

Rule #1: Have a Great Product
Your “product” is everything you do, from the procedures you perform in the treatment rooms to how you ask for payment to the follow-up calls you make afterwards. Your product is the “sum total,” the entire experience of being your patient.

The first thing any dentist will insist is, “But I have a great product.” Most don’t. Call any dentist and see how his or her phone is answered, how you’re treated, how soon you can get in

Leadership and Accountability System

Testimonial of the Month
This month's testimonial comes from Dr. Chad Okuda, of Kawili Dental Group in Hilo, Hawaii. He and his team flew 13 HOURS to get to Baltimore. They accomplished great things at the Retreat. In fact, here's what he said he liked LEAST about the Retreat: "Having to say goodbye."

Leadership and Accountability System

Rule #2: Ask Enough People to Buy It
Most dentists say they get patients by word of mouth. Word of mouth happens by chance. If you get a patient by word of mouth, you got lucky. You came up in conversation. Your results will be neither consistent nor predictable. You're not getting all the patients you should be.

At Office Magic, we like systems, including a formal and tangible patient referral rewards program. A system is consistent and predictable. You know why they call it a “system?” Because S-Y-S-T-E-M-S Save You Time, Energy, and Money! We like referral systems, not just word of mouth. Without one, you’re not getting half the patients you’re earning.

Leadership and Accountability System

Coming Next Month
Provide a great product and ask people to buy it. Success doesn’t get any more straightforward than that.

Next month:

The First Rule of Managing People.


Pat, Ginny & Lorraine

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