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August 2006
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Alright, alright ... We hear you. We're putting on our Leadership and Accountability Institute one more time. If you were shut out of Chicago in April, now's your chance in New York in October. So hurry up and register!

This month, 2 Magic Words for Difficult Meetings.

Tip of the Month
Most courses on managing people make it all sound like so much peaches and cream. We, too, are strong advocates that you be nice to everyone and to each other. We even show you dozens of creative ways to be nice. But we spend most of our course not on the "soft" stuff, but on the "hard" stuff. We pick up where most other courses leave off. You leave with a full quiver of Action Tools for even the most sticky of management dilemmas.

When you are managing people, you need to be more than nice. You need the know-how and the courage to hold people accountable.

When any of us confronts another, we can be tempted in anger or frustration to describe the other person's behavior negatively or judgmentally. We might say something terrible like,

"You always ... "

It would be better to stick to the facts objectively and dispassionately. How can you be sure to do that? Just begin whatever you're about to say with the 2 Magic Words:

"I've observed ... "

These 2 Magic Words will keep your team accountable and will keep you out of the doghouse!

Leadership and Accountability System

Testimonial of the Month
"This course SET ME FREE to do what I've always suspected was right."
- Al Kovacic, MBA, Office Manager
Thomas J. Baron, DDS
Fennell, Baron & Associates
Cincinnati, Ohio

Leadership and Accountability System

Coming Next Month
More magic.

Concise, ready to implement, and delivered right to your in- box.

See you in the Big Apple this fall!

Pat, Ginny & Lorraine

Leadership and Accountability System

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