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June 2006
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It's June. Let's get on with it.

Tip of the Month
One of the most important attributes of any good hire is reliability. How do you determine reliability?

The interview presents one such opportunity. Ask,

"What is your definition of being on time?"

Before you dismiss this question as a silly one, try it out. You’ll be amazed at some of the responses. It will certainly help separate the superstars. A superstar considers herself to be on time when she is early, and late when she is merely on time!

For dozens of other questions which "cut to the chase" and find your superstar, download our Hiring System eBook now

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Testimonial of the Month
"I placed the ad I found in the manual ... and received 100 resumes!! I absolutely recommend the Hiring System. It walks you through every step of finding the right employee for the job! Thank you, Pat, Ginny, and Loraine!"
-- Dr. Patricia McConnell
Appleton, Wisconsin

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Recommendation of the Month
The very innovative Dr. Ara Nazarian has introduced a fabulous inexpensive and low-tech -- yet highly effective -- patient education tool.

If you've ever been frustrated trying to explain a patient's condition, the DemoDent will help paint a picture and bring it home to the patient. Anyone in your office can use it.

Check it out:

Patient Education Device

Coming Next Month
Next month:

Who knows?

Happy Hiring!

Pat, Ginny and Lorraine

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