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April 2006
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-- Astonishing Secrets of the Most Well-Regarded Dentists
-- What We Learn from You
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Astonishing Secrets of the Most Well-Regarded Dentists
We learn from our clients and seminar attendees every day. Two examples are below. Nowhere do we and the attendees learn more than within the synergy of our Practice Prosperity Retreat, which is just part of our new Practice Prosperity Program.

6 practices are already registered, including two coming all the way from Hawaii and one from Canada! The rest are coming from America's heartland. What's your excuse for not coming? Only 6 slots are left. It's time.

Astonishing Secrets Delivered. Installed. Trained.

What We Learn from You
At Pat's Chicago Midwinter presentation, Dr. Greg Marr shared his answer to the patient who proclaims, "I never grind my teeth!"

Dr. Marr replies, "Well, somebody does."

Adds Dr. Marr: "It works."

Another Lesson
Also at the Chicago Midwinter, Dr. Terence Michiels caught Pat at a break to explain that he makes a point of complimenting one or more of his staff members in front of every new patient.
He makes the compliment, and soon leaves the room.

Inevitably, when he leaves the room, the patient and the staff member begin talking about what a great guy the dentist is!

Before you dismiss this technique as manipulative, consider that it is effective because it is genuine. If you want to be recognized more, recognize others more often. Find something genuine to compliment.

Learn to become fascinated by the lives of others and people will find you irresistible. It's just hard not to like somebody who likes you. We all respond to the same things.

Up goes case acceptance, and you'll be having more fun, too.!

That's All for Now, Folks
Looking forward to seeing many of you in Chicago. Looking forward to working with 12 of you even more intensely in our Practice Prosperity Program. And looking forward to our first woman President in 2008!

Until next time,

We send our warmest and most personal regards,

Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

Astonishing Secrets Delivered. Installed. Trained.

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