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April 2003
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On a personal note, Pat recommends that if Rich Little's "The Presidents" play comes to your city, you get tickets! Expecting a one-man comedy act, Pat was surprised to see an ensemble cast and a show full of as much history and meaning as entertainment.

Lorraine recommends that if you're an "empty-nester" like she and her husband Bob, you get a dog. "I hate to think life almost passed me by without one," she says. "I understand how people can treat their dogs like children. I'm proud to be Stella's mommy."

Now it's time for this month's management lesson, a hot tip to win back patients presumed lost forever. You won't get this information anywhere else... We care about you!

What Do You Charge for a Crown?

The more patients you have calling your office, the less concerned you'll be when you're not the right choice for a particular patient. That's why some of our resources are devoted to helping you develop response-oriented, patient-centered advertising and formal internal marketing programs. Still, it hurts when you fail to convert any caller into a patient.

A typical caller to your practice might ask, "What do you charge for a crown?" The team member might respond, "Nine hundred dollars." Caller, "That Much?" Team member, "Yes, it is." Caller, "Well, I'll have to call you back." Click!

There's nothing wrong with quoting a fee. Patients respond to your honesty, openness, and the pride and confidence you demonstrate. The call may have gone differently if along with quoting the fee, we had expressed interest in the patient, how the patient is feeling, and inquired about his or her other concerns.

Sometimes though, despite your best efforts, the caller will elect not to schedule at this time. It's not "over" yet! Mention the possibility of a future together. Plant the seed.

Team Member: "Mrs. Shopper, I would be happy to help you at any time in the future. We'd really enjoy having you as a patient in our office. Do you have your phonebook in front of you? Our ad is on page 752. Please circle it and write down my name, Bethie. I want you to have my name and number handy when you need to call me back."

This patient may have called five other offices today. How many other team members identified themselves and asked the caller to write her name down in the yellow pages in front of the caller? If the patient goes elsewhere, and is less than thrilled, who will she come back to?

Make Payment Arrangements With Complete Confidence.

The Only Seminar With a Full-Year Money-Back Guarantee
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Hoping to see you soon, Pat and Lorraine

Pat and Lorraine

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