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February 2006
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-- Do You Have a Philosophy of Time?
-- Practice Management Text
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-- See You in Chicago!

Do You Have a Philosophy of Time?
Your practice has its own “Philosophy of Time,” even if you’ve never thought about it, articulated it, or like it. Ian Shuman’s “Philosophy of Time” is on his outstanding web site (www.ianshuman.com):

“We know that you have reserved time in your busy life because caring for your dental health is important to you. We value your time and we pride ourselves on running on schedule. We also believe in family time, so the practice hours are designed so that evenings are spent with family. We also understand that emergencies do happen and in the event of a dental emergency Dr. Shuman can be reached after hours.”

What’s your philosophy of time? Does your staff know it? Has it been implemented?

Practice Management Text
Bob Levoy practically invented practice management, but God is not finished with him yet. His latest book may be the best book on dental practice management ever written. We liked it so much we've recommended that it be the required textbook for our practice management course at Temple University School of Dentistry.

It was in Bob's book that we first read about the importance of a "Philosophy of Time." And there are 200 other tips waiting for you:

201 Secrets of a High-Performance Dental Practice

Instant Video Training
Interested in professional training in Morning Meetings, Patient Checkout, the New Patient Experience, Consultations, and Financial Arrangements?

Cathy Jameson and the good folks of Jameson Management have posted Hollywood quality, detailed and downloadable training videos on each of these topics -- complete with PowerPoint training modules.

For some reason, the Jameson Group is charging less for these videos than Starbucks does for a Frappuccino Grande. We have no idea why.

Watch them right now before they change their mind!!

Productive and Profitable Videos

See You in Chicago!
We're off to the Chicago Mid-Winter. If you're taking Pat's course there, please be sure to say hello. And if you haven't yet signed up, don't bother trying -- Pat's course is sold out!!

Time is also running out on the Early Bird Special for our Leadership and Accountability Institute. Hurry up!!


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