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December 2005
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-- Office Magic's Hiring System
-- One Way to Find a Superstar
-- Dentistry's Greatest Mind Does it Again
-- Happy New Year!


Want to make 2006 your best year ever? You're going to need good people. You already have some. But you never have enough good people.

Office Magic's Hiring System
One of the most common questions we get is,

"Hey Pat, where did you ever find Lorraine?"

And we're finally spilling the beans, releasing all of our hiring secrets in our first eBook ever. It's everything you need to find your next superstar, soup-to-nuts and A to Z.

Let me tell you all about it. Just click here.

Office Magic's Hiring System

One Way to Find a Superstar
In our new hiring eBook, we give you fabulous "Help Wanted" ads ready-to-go to attract your next superstar. But we urge you not to rely on classified advertising. After all, the real superstars aren't sitting around reading the classified. They're already working and getting it done for somebody else.

We tell you to "Go hunting where the ducks are." So, here's an idea.

During a dental meeting in your area, get permission from the hotel to post a tasteful Want Ad (with your name and phone number ready for tear-off) near the towel dispenser in the women’s restroom. Yes, the restroom! That’s where the ducks will be!

Now I know there are ethical concerns here and you don't want to steal anyone away from your colleague. But a diamond in the rough needing a change of scenery just might contact you. Or maybe she has friends who will. And we of course give you all kinds of ways to get the best people from other industries.

Office Magic's Hiring System

Dentistry's Greatest Mind Does it Again
If you can't imagine working with an untrained assistant, you should probably consider using more labor-saving efficiency devices. That's what Scott Perkins says. And I defy anyone to watch his "15 Minute Crown Procedure DVD" and tell me Scott Perkins does not do quality dentistry.

If you don't pick up a dozen efficiency tips you can implement immediately after watching Scott at work, you just weren't watching. And Scott's latest innovation is spreading like wildfire through the profession:

The Samurai Precision Bur is simply the fastest cutting dentate bur in the history of dentistry. If you haven't tried it, you're working too hard. Check it out at Simple Dental.

The Samurai Precision Bur

Happy New Year!
Hope your Christmas shopping is going well.

I just crossed three people off my list.

I didn't get them anything.

I just crossed them off my list!

Ho, ho, ho!!

We'll see you next year, and you'll hear from us with stuff that will make your 2006 rock!


Pat, Lorraine, and Ginny

Get it no w!

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