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November 2005
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-- 10 Steps For Moving Your Team from Talk to Action
-- How to Convert 95% of Shoppers into Appointments
-- Plunder the Secrets of Today's Dental
-- Coming in December!


Missed the Practice Prosperity Retreat in Baltimore? Dr. Sven Simonson came all the way from Sweden and called the event "life changing." Other attendees are referring to their own practices as "pre-Retreat" and "post-Retreat." Enough about them. Let's talk about you.

10 Steps For Moving Your Team from Talk to Action
Ginny has decided to release ... over my objection! ... the first step of our Retreat process. You can now complete the very project that our attendees did to gain the ultimate clarity about their own practice's issues and answers, as well as their personal vision and goals. They used these exercises before the Retreat to arrive ready to "hit the ground running."

Frankly, I wanted to keep this "Strategic Planning" process secret ... and reveal it only to our consulting clients. Ginny feels strongly that the message is too important to reserve for such a select few ... and that the doctors who try it will beg and clamor for more. You'd better act now before Ginny changes her mind!

Make My Practice New Again

How to Convert 95% of Shoppers into Appointments
Most children are eager to follow clear directions. “Bite on this (x-ray film) like a cracker.”
“Put your hands on your lap.”

• Ask children to be your assistant. Children love to help.

• Praise specifically. Instead of “You're a good boy,” say “The way you open your mouth so wide is a big help to me. Thanks for being such a great helper… I'm so proud of you. Here's a sticker for being such a great helper.”

Mike Curtis' books, the "Hundreds of Pearls" series, are full of tips that will make your life easier with children, adults, and patients in between. "Hundreds of Pearls" is an understatement.

Plunder the Secrets of Today's Dental
The most passionate speaker in dentistry -- the one who has changed so many lives and transformed so many practices -- has canceled his travel schedule in order to spend more time with his family and in his practice. I'm hoping and praying that Howard Farran, whose message of "Dental Mania" has fired-up even the most burned-out among us, will be back on the road one day soon.

In the meantime, thank goodness, Howard is looking out for us. He has poured everything he knows, his heart and soul, into a prodigious new series of DVDs, "The Virtues of Profitable Dentistry."

The most innovative and useful aspect of this material is the professional videography of Howard's practice, Today's Dental, in action. Today's Dental is one of the most productive and profitable practices in the country, and his every secret is revealed. You'll even see how much fun he and his entire team have every day. Take a look now.

A Day in the Life of Today's Dental

Coming in December!
What's the most challenging aspect of practice? Finding good people would be at the top of most lists. And we're going to show you how.

Until then,

Happy Holidays!

Scratch that.

Merry Christmas!

That's right. Merry Christmas. I'm sick of our society's "war on Christmas:" the banning of nativity scenes, and all the other politically correct nonsense to which Christians are subjected.
I'm Jewish so I can say that. I love Christmas.

So Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, Happy Chaka Kahn, and Merry Christmas to all.

Peace and Justice on Earth,


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